Mono-a-Mono in the Media

Mono-a-Mono has been reviewed at TDL-Tech:

    “Steve has a companion website … that hosts a large number (dozens) of music files that he has cleaned with Mono-a-Mono … they all sound very good. Highly recommended!”

    (But note that since that time, I’ve significantly expanded that website and moved it to my own server. It now includes several hundred 78s from my personal collection, all processed using default “Wizard” settings. Have a listen and see what you think. But a word of warning: the bandwidth on my server is extremely limited – if you have any trouble playing any of the files, please leave it for a while and try again later.)

and at

    “Mono-a-Mono is an extremely efficient and convenient audio restoration tool that is a must-have for any professional or amateur converting old recordings into a digital form. The software is intended for restoring audio recorded from old records (78, 45, or 33 rpm, shellac, acetate or vinyl), audio tapes (reels or cassettes) and even archaic cylinders.”

another at Softpedia:

    “… Mono-a-Mono is an affordable and efficient way to remove clicks and scratch noises from old recordings. The usefulness of the program, along with the fact that it is also easy to operate make Mono-a-Mono a viable solution for removing scratch noises from recordings.”

and another at FreeDownloadsCenter:

    “This is a good tool and is a good candidate for trial. No configuration or tweaking is really required.”


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