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Improved click suppression.
Added soft limiting to reduce audibility of clipped samples.
Reduced target amplitude a little.

3rd January 2020


Reverted to original (more intuitive) equalisation scheme.
Revised preset equalisation parameters.
Reduced effects of filtering on the signal's group delay function.

2nd January 2020


Substantial speedup of audio processing.
Added Unicode support for filenames.

19th November 2017


Improved time registration between input and output files.
Modified click remover control, so setting slider to zero disables it completely.

28th January 2017


Improved effectiveness of the click remover.
Small UI improvements.

25th December 2016


Improved “rejuvenator” function.
Improved the de-mixing function.
Updated help file to make it more user-friendly.

8th August 2015


Added noise removal and rejuvenator functions to left-only and right-only channels to match previous centre-channel processing.

10th August 2014


Fixed errors in equalisation presets.
Improved clarity.

1st April 2014


Replaced the old “Vocal Remover” function with a full multichannel “De-Mixer” (thanks to Terry Rosen for suggesting the idea).
Replaced equalisation filters with a “shelving” design with a controllable breakpoint (inspired by a comment from Steve Pike, many years ago).
Updated help system to a slightly more modern version.

26th March 2014


Fixed major bug in click detector.
Reorganised GUI.
Increased time limit in trial version to 30 seconds.

17th April 2011


Adjusted range of controls to be a bit more mutually consistent.
Improved time resolution.

30th August 2010


Improved operation of "Silence Enhancer" control.
Improved operation of "Rejuvenator" control.
Improved speed of operation and size of executable.
Small redesign of GUI.
Updated wxWidgets GUI library and NSIS installer.

22nd August 2010


More sensitive click detector.
Better click suppression.
Added drag-and-drop for files to be processed.
Option to place output files in the same folder with the inputs.

28th December 2009


Optimised ‘windowing’ in various signal processing algorithms.
Added option to keep signal level close to original input.
Added separate Playback EQ panel to Wizard screen.
Made slightly more modern browse-for-folder button.
Reordered and renamed Recording Category section.

29th November 2009


Improved rejuvenator (distortion remover).
Adjusted default silence enhancer setting.
Better clarity.

18th January 2009


Minor improvement and simplification of click detector module.
Extended ‘Presets’ dialogue and promoted it to ‘Wizard’ status.
Tidied up versioning code and other bits-and-pieces.

22nd November 2008


Minor improvement to silence enhancer module.
Small (probably inaudible) bug fix.
Updated external software (wxWidgets and NSIS installer).
Added version info to executable file.

26th July 2008


Added vocal remover function.
Added preset control values.
Added support for vertical-cut recordings.
Added multiple file selections for preview and list removal.

8th June 2008


Slightly improved click remover.
Fixed bug creating new folders.
Updated compiler and other build tools.

19th April 2008


Improved initial sizing of GUI, affecting “themed” displays.
Added hyperlink to this web site.
No changes to audio processing.

11th March 2008


Identified and removed a long-standing mathematical error causing muffled sound. The processed sound is much clearer now.
Added control over the suppression of distortion and wear in poor quality recordings.
Minor bug fix.
Faster processing.

24th February 2008


Improved “silence enhancer” to reduce woolliness.
Updated NSIS installer.

12th February 2008


Added control of preview duration.
Improved handling of recordings including silent lead-in.
Updated NSIS installer.

1st January 2008


Added preview function and equalisation controls.
Added a proper help button.
Improved default noise reduction parameter range.
Updated NSIS installer to fix potential problem with Win9x.
Updated wxWidgets library.

2nd December 2007


Improved click detection.
Introduced UPX executable packer (for smaller executable size).
Small bug fix (problem saving configuration information).

9th November 2007


Reduced price :-)
Added rumble filter.
Saved configuration between sessions.
Improved noise weighting.
Fixed a start-up bug.
Updated NSIS installer and wxWidgets library.

15th October 2007


Added install / uninstall support.
Reined back over-enthusiastic changes in version 2.1.

19th August 2007


Improved performance, especially at high frequencies.
Made default click removal and low-pass filtering less aggressive.

12th August 2007


Added support for Sun/NeXT (.au) audio files and adjustable
low-pass filtering.

1st July 2007


Updated sndlib and bug-fix affecting WAV files.

24th June 2007


General tidy-up of code and licensing agreement.

26th May 2007


Bug fix for non 16-bit files, and added output level control.

17th May 2007


Changed default control parameters a bit more...

12th May 2007


Changed default control parameters to avoid muffled sound.

29th April 2007


Bug fix when inputs were in AIFF format.

22nd April 2007


Slight improvement in default control parameters and speed.

20th April 2007


Better robustness, ‘smoother’ sound and a small bug fix.

19th April 2007


Dramatically improved speed (over 30 times faster).

18th April 2007


First Public Release.

15th April 2007


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