Click Suppression

To show the effect of changing Mono-a-Mono’s “Click Remover” slider, here are a couple of examples. You can click on the graphs to download the corresponding audio files.
Before click detection
This is a short extract from a stereo recording of “Never Took a Lesson in My Life” by Nat Gonella (the upper panel is the left channel, the lower is the right). As you can see, it’s very scratchy.

Even with both the “Silence Enhancer” and “Click Remover” sliders set to zero, most of the clicks are heavily attenuated by Mono-a-Mono’s core algorithm. That’s because they occur in one channel and not the other. This is the result:
Zero click detection
Most of the remaining problems are due to the relatively few, but often large, clicks which occur simultaneously on both left and right channels. These can be almost completely removed by setting the “Click Remover” slider to full scale (10):
Full click detection


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