Mono-a-Mono is a unique audio restoration program. It can take a noisy, distorted, two-channel stereo recording and:

  • reduce noise and distortion.
  • decompose the recording into three (left, right and centre) channels.
  • perform re-equalisation (filtering) to correct the tonal balance of the signal.

All these operations are performed using linear filters, and so Mono-a-Mono only changes the balance between the different frequencies in the original signal; it never introduces any new frequencies or distortion.

Using these techniques, Mono-a-Mono can act as a "de-mixer" or a "vocal remover", as well as its original function, a "mono enhancer" for rejuvenating vintage audio recordings (33 or 45 rpm records, 78s, cylinder recordings, tapes, etc.).

Whichever function you choose, Mono-a-Mono further enhances its output signals by removing any obvious pops or clicks, suppressing any steady background noise (hiss or crackle), reducing the audibility of any distortion, and applying a number of user-configurable filtering functions: high-pass (rumble) filter, low-pass (hiss) filter, and a shelving equalisation filter.


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